Amazing Music

Amazing Music

A U.S. study found that learning instruments enables the brain changes; the music training can improve speech and language level.


Although someone thinks that Mozart’s music can make classical or other people more intelligent, but there is no enough evidence to prove that music can enhance brainpower.


Nowadays, northwestern university has a study to explore, to analyze data of language and speech music training, memory, attention span, even as the ability to express emotions affect the relevant research.


Researchers Nina, krauss said these data show that the music training in the process of connecting neurons in the brain can enhance interpersonal exchange other skills.


In the study, researchers report said: “music training that produced the influence, and physical health, music can enhance the brain, make more acute hearing.

So our society is necessary in the personal development of music importance role.”


Crotts says, study vocal music can improve brain strain capacity, also can let the nervous system to establish a conducive to learning.


This is a natural in neuroscience research published comments on the recent studies of new reviews and analyses, the main concern is the study of the nervous system of music training and education may affect the important influence.


Research found that play instruments can enhance the brain in a complex process distinguish valuable information ability, this is a complicated process may include spectrum, timing or notation, cooperate with other musicians.


Krause said in a statement: “A musician of the brain can selectively identify voice contains information on feeling and cognitive elements. Process under the interaction of nervous system can make the voice and complex expression meaning.”


In previous studies, researchers found that after the analysis of the people will understand music, a new language ability of pronunciation spelling into words than without music training.

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